From MySpace to This SpacE

For over 15 years we’ve been designing and accelerating ideas.


We do not possess ideas, ideas possess us. That’s how Arctic Black came to be. The simple idea to create a home for several talented friends to work together. An home which would transform the impact we made as individuals into something much greater. Arctic Black is by no means another design studio, it is an idea with deep roots.

By choosing to work with startups and scale-ups, we’ve each chosen a path focused on impacting the many. By supporting the acceleration of ideas (which may have otherwise remained only ideas), we’ve chosen a world which is fast-paced and at times, the harder path forward. However, once the idea of Arctic Black possessed us, there was no going back.



Jamie has created attention-grabbing visual experiences for the likes of Facebook, Bumble, Google, and Zoom. His work’s been featured by Dribbble, Mashable, Tech Crunch, The Next Web, and many more.


Weaving together the threads which connect people, business, and technology, Cassius has created product-market-fit across industries In the past, he’s lectured on his work at Imperial College and MIT.


Want to work with a team accelerating ideas? Have a unique design-related skill-set? We want to hear from you and we want you on our team.